What is the cost to host a Naughty Dolls Party?

There is no cost to host a Naughty Dolls party. The only cost will be your products you purchase.

When will I receive my products?

Orders are placed on a Sunday following all parties, so long as all orders are either paid for in full or by deposit. Delivery is usually expected within two weeks, however, whilst we will endeavour to do everything to get your orders to you as promptly as possible, sometimes we do expect delays from our suppliers. If you don't receive a call regarding delivery this will mean orders are delayed, as soon as orders are ready for delivery your consultant will be in touch to arrange a delivery time/place. All orders will be delivered to the host for distribution to your guests.

How do I pay for my order?

Your Consultant will have order forms that will need to be completed on the night. We accept cash, direct deposit and credit card payments (Visa & MasterCard). Cards are debited prior to the orders being placed on Sunday.

How long does a Naughty Dolls party go for?

Usually Naughty Dolls parties go for 2.5 hours from start to finish, sometime longer depending on how involved your guests are!

Booking Times/Days:

Times of bookings are dependent on a few things, Consultant availability, the size of your party and the location of your party. Normally we book Thursday @ 7pm, Friday @ 7pm, Saturday @ 5:30pm & 8:30pm and Sunday @ 5pm. These times are not set in stone so if they don't suit your plans, get in touch with your Consultant to discuss other options.

I’m too scared to place an order in front of people? What can I do?

Our consultants are very professional and discreet. At the end of your party, you can talk to your consultant one on one, she will go through the toys with you again, and can assist in completing your order form with you. No one will know what you are ordering! If this doesn't suit, you are welcome to contact your Consultant the next day, and place your order over the phone. Our consultants are trained in making you feel comfortable, by the end of the night, you will be talking amongst your friends about the products, and you may even purchase the same items!!